Life Events – Personal


Became engaged or married, started a love affair
Relations with significant other or close friend changed for the better or worse
Divorced or separated; engagement broken
Married couple reunited after separation
Marital infidelity
Conflict with in-laws, person in household, friend
Child, spouse, family member or close friend died
Became pregnant, birth of a first or later child; adopted a child
Found out one cannot have children
Change in household: person moved in or out
Moved residence or neighborhood
Built a home; remodeled a home
Lost a home or property through fire, flood or other disaster; car stolen
Assaulted or robbed
Experienced an accident
Involved in a law suit
Lost drivers license, credit card, or wallet
Identify theft
Arrested; went to jail; convicted or acquitted of a crime
Changed church, club, neighborhood, or other organizational activities
Took a vacation or not able to take a planned vacation
Took up or dropped a hobby, sport, craft or recreational activity
Acquired a pet, or pet died
Made new friends or broke up with a friend