Data Sharing

Certain fully de-identified elements of the Tesserae dataset are available for sharing with qualified researchers subject to the conditions outlined in the Data Usage Agreement (DUA) and the restrictions described in the Informed Consent documents for participants in the study.  Further details are available upon inquiry to the Project Lead Prof. Aaron Striegel.

The following datasets are available at this time:

  • Social Media Corpus: A corpus of select, hand-curated de-identified social media data is available with relevant ground truth data from the study.  Data sharing is subject to the aforementioned DUA with all participants providing an additional second consent for data sharing.  
  • Tesserae Data Corpus: The nearly full suite of data associated with Tesserae is described via an Open Science Framework (OSF) Wiki.  The linked OSF Wiki provides a complete overview of the available data, study procedures, data dictionary, and excluded data.

    Data is made available after submission of a project / research proposal and completion of a DUA with data being restricted to non-profit entities.  The data will include all data that can be made safely available including data from the study wearable, phone agent, beacon data, and ground truth survey data.  Some data is excluded (e.g. location, raw social media data) due to PII concerns while some data is restricted to coarse (e.g. age ranges), aggregate (construct scores versus individual questions), or summarized forms (daily / epoch values).